It is a blessing to do what you love.

Photography has always been a passion of mine. I can still remember the funky strap on my dad's old Minolta and the way my mom and I would sit on the dining room floor for hours looking through old envelopes of pictures...each one reminding us of the memories they preserved.
That is what I hope to do for you....perserve little moments in the grand story of your life. I want to capture images that focus not so much on the perfect pose or the coordinating outfits, but rather the bond of a family, the laughter of a child, the wrinkles of brand new skin, or the way a toddler's hand fits perfectly into that of his mothers. I want to decorate your home with images that will take your breath away as you walk by them. I want to create a birth announcement for you that is worthy of the tiny bundle who just arrived, or a party invitation that sets the tone for a wonderful celebration.

I want to create art with your family as the subject.

My business grew out of a simple love and it remains quite simple. There are no packages or consultations. I intend to offer images that sell themselves rather than persuading you to make purchases. You decide what you'd like and what fits into your budget in the privacy of your own home. My prices make it so that you can afford to have photos of your children taken regularly and ordering is as simple as emailing me. I am happy to make suggestions or give you ideas at your request.

My favorite place to shoot is outside, using natural light. I taught elementary school for six years and have a 6 year old, a 5 year old, and a 3 year old of my own so babies and children are my strong suit. Please bring bribes and make no apologies...I'll capture them just as they are...even if they wont sit on the little white chair. I aim to make our hour together fun and stress free. And in the end...I hope your heart will beat fast and goose bumps will cover your arms as you scroll through the proofs from your session.

I live in a picture covered, white house with my four favorite people to photograph. My husband Tommy deserves a great deal of credit for believing in my talent and for showing me the value of believing in my dreams. My children, Isabella, Jack, and Cash are truly my inspiration. I take their pictures whenever I can because I never want to forget the curve of their noses or the way their eyes catch the sunlight just so. Though they are typical toddlers, most days find me pinching myself to make sure it's real....being a wife and mother are certainly my greatest blessings.

I am most content just being with my family. Something clicks into place and feels just right when the five of us are together. We enjoy taking walks in our neighborhood, going out to eat, reading stories, playing outside, and even watching Dora! I consider myself a creative soul who always has a list of projects churning around in my head. I enjoy shopping, party planning, sipping wine, reading, date nights, and home design.

I look forward to meeting you and your family. Bring your smiles...I can't wait to see them.